Make a Mojito

How to Make a Mojito

Cuban goodies.

  1. Start by making the syrup: To make the syrup place equal amounts of sugar and water into a pot until it starts to boil (constantly mix)
  2. Make sure: you have a good object to crush with and s very sturdy glass that will not break while you are mixing. Also have a tin of some kind to pour the Mojito into so you can mix your drink properly.
  3. Have light rum: Make sure you have light rum (preferred but not needed) or grey goose vodka (pear) would be the most recommended to use for a Mojito. You also need fresh limes, mint, soda water, and sugar.
  4. Cut the limes into quarters and pick the stem leaves off of its stem: Once you have done that take the mint leaves (about 5) and place into a cup. Add 1/2 oz of the sugar and water mix with a piece of lime. Now it is time for you to add your rum (1-1/2 oz) and mix it all together (make sure you mix well).
  5.  Fill the glass with ice (while mix is still in the glass) and pour into the tin.
  6.  Mix it around in the tin and pour back into the glass
  7.  Enjoy!
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