Karriere is closed after almost 8 years in the Meatpacking District.

Karriere, contemporary art & social life opened its doors for almost 8 years ago and now it’s over!
We are closed, – Karriere says thanks for many good years of art, culture, food, cocktails and not to forget the best party!

Good Summer
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Tue Greenfort

Mobiles Trinkglaswerkstatt

Recycling, ecology and art: a combination that sums up Tue Greenfort’s commitment, and which is further reflected in his name. Greenfort, then, is a hip, green, eco-artist who strives to highlight alternatives to our “use-and-throw-away’ mentality. His primary focus is not result-oriented solutions but the search for other resources and options than the quick-buck approaches that tend to be the norm. Along with Saraceno, Tiravanija and Starling, Greenfort took part in this year’s Sharjah Biennial 8, which sported the up-to-the-minute title STILL LIFE – Art, Ecology and the Politics of Change. A title that encapsulates Greenfort’s focus: how can the artist contribute to highlighting (and helping solve) the world’s overconsumption, in conjunction with environmental and pollution issues? For the most part, Greenfort’s works are site-specific. Beginning with a probing study of the exhibition site (historically, socially and economically), he seeks potential solutions to some of the problems he encounters along the way. For example, Greenfort took part this year in Skulptur Projekte Münster, where, by placing a huge liquid manure truck on a platform, and having it shoot a jet of water into Lake Aa, he sought to highlight the problems of water pollution affecting the lake. This is an example of an artistic practice where the artist is not necessarily engaged in the creation of beautiful objects but, instead, makes aesthetics a laboratory for the creative exploration of specific issues. In creating a work for Karriere, Greenfort takes his cue from the character of the venue – that of a café and bar – and came up with the work Bottles – Drinking Glasses: a glass-cutting machine that, by means of a simple mechanism, transforms wine and spirits bottles into drinking glasses. The machine cuts through the neck of the empty bottle, the edges are ground smooth and, hey presto, a drinking glass is the result. The work is a critical comment on the vast consumption of water normally required for the cleaning and preparation of glass for reuse. Greenfort’s aim is to save on the use of water in the recycling process, serving it instead as drinking water to Karriere’s guests – for what’s wrong with drinking ‘straight from the bottle’? The resulting glasses, then, will be used by Karriere’s guests seeking the natural refreshment of water by using FOS and Balfelt’s Heroin Water Tab. (MKT)

Tue Greenfort, born 1973, Denmark